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Roaring 20’s Mini Unit

We recently finished a unit study about WWI and I wanted to take a detour before jumping into the Great Depression and WWII. I also think understanding the 1920s can give us a better understanding and framework for what was going on in these two later time periods. However, I didn’t want to spend a…

Braver: A Wombat’s Tale | Literature Based Unit Study

Police and Firefighters and EMTs, oh my! This emergency workers unit study was one my kids begged for for a very long time, and we finally did it.Before I jump into the plans and resources, here’s a quick look at a random day in our homeschool during this unit study . . .

Australian Animal Expanded Notation | Free PDF Resource

DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE PDF HERE I created these lessons and games on standard form, expanded form, expanded notation, and expanded notation with exponents to go along with our Braver literature based unit study. This activity pack would work well for any animal or Australia theme. You can find all the resources and lesson plans from…

Braver: A Wombat’s Tale Language Arts Pack | Free PDF Resource

DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE PDF HERE I was excited to create this language arts resource for one of my kids to use as we read Braver. Using passages from the story we were able to explore literary concepts, learn the ways to spell long e, and take an in-depth look at commas. I wasn’t able to…


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