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When it comes to language arts, things can get overwhelming pretty quickly . . . handwriting, spelling, reading, composition, vocabulary, grammar, and the list goes on. Like with most things, when it comes to language arts, I like to pull a little from here and a little from there and do my own thing. However, one thing my children have made clear – DON’T STOP GRAMMAR GALAXY!

Grammar Galaxy is a unique and absolutely brilliant approach to language arts that is rooted in stories about Grammar Galaxy. It is a complete Language Arts curriculum featuring the Grammar Family. The King and Queen and their kids, Kirk, Luke, and Ellen encounter challenges in the kingdom and across the Galaxy as the evil Grimlin works to destroy language.

Instead of using the traditional text book, my kids really enjoy the audio version. To them it’s like listening to a radio show, and they are genuinely excited to hear the new installment every week. (Just to clarify the audio is a very well done narration, not an audio dramatization.)

Here’s a peek inside the program:

00:00 Introduction and Components
05:20 Look Inside the Mission Manual (Student Workbook)
09:35 Wrap up and My Thoughts

Contrary to its title, Grammar Galaxy covers more than just grammar. Each book (I think this is true in all the levels, though I’m not sure about the more advanced levels) is broken up into four units: Literary Concepts, Spelling and Vocabulary, Grammar, and Composition and Speaking. The topics covered in each of these areas increase in difficulty and there is a review in each lesson. Each unit has a unit assessment as well.

Occasionally a story will refer to a previous story line, but other than the review in each lesson, there is no reason you would have to finish the lessons in the order they’re written. I will often pull topics that match what we’re reading elsewhere when the situation arises, then I just mark that lesson off in my table of contents, and we skip it when we get to it later.


Each lesson begins with a letter from the English children with all the details for the current mission. You can get a sample lesson for any level here. The missions are laid out very similarly:

Step 1: A quick review along with a look at the vocabulary words, then a fairly quick activity to help cement the new concept introduced.

Step 2: Typically a multiple choice activity (at least in the earlier levels) about the topic of the week along with an activity for the day.

Step 3: Usually more of an application activity that gives kids a chance to practice the skill they are learning.

Advanced Guardians Only: This is a totally optional assignment for more advanced students that usually involves writing.

Each mission ends with a mission update along with the answer key for the mission.


I love that Grammar Galaxy is a leveled program, rather than a graded program. This gives you a chance to combine more students and/or move at your child’s pace without the pressure of “falling behind” or “moving too fast.” As a mom of a child with dysgraphia, I also appreciate that Nebula begins with hardly any writing required aside from highlighting answers and drawing lines to connect things. The amount of writing required increases incrementally with each level of Grammar Galaxy. If you have a child ready for more writing than their current level calls for, there are “Advanced Guardian Only” activities. This range also really helps if you’re working with more than one child in the same level.

These are the levels that are currently available. The numbers in parentheses are approximate grade levels, but it’s important to take the placement quiz to make sure your child is starting at their “just right” level.

  • Nebula (1st-2nd)
  • Protostar (3rd)
  • Yellow Star (4th+)
  • Red Star (5th+)
  • Blue Star (6th+)
  • Nova (7th+)

One thing I forgot to mention in the video is the Monthly Guardian Missions you can get in your e-mail (scroll to the bottom of any page on the website to sign up). If you opt in, you’ll receive a calendar with a small activity for every day of the week. Most of the activities have links to YouTube videos, games, resource links, etc. Some are writing prompts. There are challenges related to handwriting/copywork, reading, grammar, creative writing, spelling, and vocabulary. These are a great, free addition to the curriculum.


*Items with a star are required, when more than one format is available, choose the format that’s best for you and your family. There are also co-op and classroom options for larger groups

*Text Book
The text book is where you will find the stories of the Grammar family. It’s where you will find vocabulary words and be introduced to new concepts.

Available as: Printed Book, Digital Download, Audio Download (currently for Nebula and Protostar Only).

*Mission Manual
This is essentially the workbook needed to complete the assignments. The assignments are addressed to the students with answers provided for them (or you) to check their work. If you get the printed version, you will need one for each child.

Available as: Printed Book, Digital Download

Flashcard and Fun Pack
If you would like flashcards as well as games to help master the vocabulary introduced throughout the program, this is a great option. It’s not mandatory and comes only as a digital download for you to print at home. (Currently only available through Yellow Star.)

I do wonder how the storylines progress in more difficult levels of Grammar Galaxy, and if they will continue to hold my children’s interest. I do like how this is a fairly light, but comprehensive grammar program that’s easy to mold to whatever unit studies or approaches we are incorporating into our homeschool. As far as I’m concerned, it’s really a win all around.

Do you have any homeschool elements that your children would hate to see you part with? Tell me all about them in the comments, and as always, feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

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