European Middle Ages Activity Book | Free PDF Resource


I made this activity book to go with our European Middle Ages unit study. I had great plans to build this out, making it a complete unit study curriculum. Alas, my dreams were bigger than my current reality. However, instead of scrapping my idea altogether, I decided to provide a PDF of what I was able to complete as a free download for you. We had a lot of fun using it in our unit study, and my hope is that you will enjoy it as much as we have.

You can find all the resources and lesson plans from our European Middle Ages Unit Study here.

Scroll down for a video tour of this resource.

Included Activities

  • Planning pages
  • Falconry in the Middle Ages
  • Becoming a Knight
  • Rules of Knighthood
  • Focus in on Vikings
  • Medieval Armor
  • The Feudal System
  • Build Your Armory
  • Design a Medieval Castle
  • People of the Castle
  • Create Your Own Medieval Pottage Recipe
  • Steps to Joining a Guild
  • Stained Glass Craft
  • Focus in on Religious Life
  • Crusades Mini Books
  • Medieval Feast Planning Guide
  • Extra Worksheets and Coloring Pages
  • Links to additional videos and websites
  • More!

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