Bookshelf Tour: Ancient History Books

For this book shelf tour, we’re traveling back to the days of ancient history. I have books on my shelf from Old Testament times, Egypt, Rome and more. Be sure to check out my other book shelf tours here:

  • General History
  • Medieval History (this is a bit of a different style as we just completed a unit study on the middle ages, so I didn’t see the need to do ANOTHER book video on this time period.)
(Out of Print)
(Out of Print)
(Out of Print)
(Out of Print)
(Out of Print | Available on Kindle)

This post does not contain affiliate links. I encourage you to buy from your favorite small retailers or use so a portion of your expense will go to whatever charity you choose. My Usborne links link to my Usborne Books and More consultant in case you don’t have a consultant, but I encourage you to support a consultant you know.

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