Braver: A Wombat’s Tale Language Arts Pack | Free PDF Resource


I was excited to create this language arts resource for one of my kids to use as we read Braver. Using passages from the story we were able to explore literary concepts, learn the ways to spell long e, and take an in-depth look at commas.

I wasn’t able to edit this as I wanted to, but decided to share what I have. I hope these six copywork passages along with spelling, grammar, writing, vocabulary, and discussion activities are helpful for you as you read Braver. I’m offering this resource completely free, but am always eager to hear any feedback you have.

You can find all the resources and lesson plans from our Braver unit study here.

Scroll down for a video tour of this resource.

What’s Included

  • Six copywork passage
  • Literary skills
    • Opening Hook
    • Building Suspense
    • Cliffhangers
    • Giving Characters Voice
    • Creating Action
    • Epiphanies and Providing Hope
  • Spelling
    • Focus on various ways to spell long e
    • Spelling guide for each copywork passage
    • Spelling Activity Cards for practicing words each week
  • Grammar lessons – focus on commas
  • Hands On Activities
  • Links to videos, articles, and more activities
  • Vocabulary
  • Discussion Questions

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