Ticket to Learning built on a strong conviction that our world is full of beauty and diversity. We know it’s not possible for everyone to travel the world or for any of us to jump back in time, but we believe that through great books we can experience the next best thing.

I’m Laura, homeschooling mom of three and creator of Ticket to Learning. I’m a dreamer with a creative mind that never seems to stop working. I’m constantly asking questions and seeing connections in the world around me. As I worked as a tutor, educator, and now as a homeschool mom, and Library clerk, I’ve enjoyed seeing the things that bring light and excitement to the eyes of individual children. Part of the joy is that what sparks each child is different.

My goal in creating Ticket to Learning was to provide easy-to-find online resources to help you grow the flames of your child’s passions and interests. If you’re looking for a homeschool curriculum, unit study, summer activities, or great supplements, my hope is that you’ll find fantastic books and resources here.

Take a look around, discover, and explore. See if anything sparks excitement in your eyes, and please join in the conversation. By sharing more ideas in the comments of each blog post, you are helping to build this wonderful library of resources. That’s really a huge part of learning anyway . . . sharing and growing together.

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