LCTSM // Lesson 14 Links

Watch it:

Do it:

Flood Stories From Around the World

Illustrate a Flood Story

Try Your Hand at Soap Carving

Video tutorial with printable PDF:

Soap Carving for Kids/Beginners — Teddy Bear, Butterfly and Turtle

Soap Carving for Kids/Beginners – A Rocket PLUS What to Do With Your Soap Shavings

Woodworking activities

Simple Stick Projects – OWL BOOKMARK

Carving a Wooden Whistle (10 simple woodworking projects)

Toys of Appalachia

Flipper Dinger (Gee Haw Whimmy Diddle)

Appalachian Folk Toys – Episode 2 – The Limberjack Dancer

Children of Early Appalachia Toys and Games



Basic Finger Knitting:

Four Finger Knitting: Four-Finger Knitting Tutorial

Written instructions for finger knitting: