LCTSM // Lesson 4 Links

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Animal Homes Similes

Yellow warbler nest | Salamanderdance | Flickr

Traditional Biscuits

Grape Jelly

Flour Sack Dresses

Plant a Tree

 How To Plant a Tree With Your Kids

African American Musical Influence

Make Pap’s Banjo

Banjo Craft! – Build Your Own Banjo!

Appalachian Dulcimers

Dulcimers in the Heartland – America’s Heartland

Appalachian Instruments

Appalachian music – Wikipedia.

Listen to Traditional Appalachian Music

  • YoYo Ma: Appalachian Journey

Appalachian Journey – YouTube

  • Various Artists: Heartland an Appalachian Anthology
  • Smithsonian Folkways: Classic Appalachian Blues
  • Jean Ritchie: Singing the Traditional Songs of Her Kentucky Mountain Family

Make it Glow Chalk Drawing

Art for Everyone – “Glowing” Chalk Art

Information CenterJunior Appalachian Musicians