Song for a Whale | Literature Based Unit Study

As I was previewing read-aloud for a unit study featuring Helen Keller, I fell in love with Song for a Whale by Lynne Kelly. As I continued to dream and plan, the book ended up taking center stage as my unit study morphed in front of my eyes. We thoroughly enjoyed this unit as we explored sound and how it works, the wonder of whales, and even the great ship Titanic.

Divin’ Deep Math Game (Positive and Negative Numbers) | Free PDF Resource

DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE PDF HERE I created this fun game to go along with our Song for a Whale literature based unit study, but it would work well for any ocean theme. We had fun exploring positive and negative numbers as we dove deep into the ocean. I also included a bonus – a funContinue reading “Divin’ Deep Math Game (Positive and Negative Numbers) | Free PDF Resource”